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AutoReivs are machine-based creations used extensively in Ergo Proxy for a variety of tasks. There are several different types.


As their name would suggest, Companion AutoReivs are made for humans who need them for a number of reasons. For example, they can be used to replace a lost child or to be a child to people that can't have children of their own, or to simply accompany and serve humans in any way needed. Their skills are usually geared toward household chores, such as making food, cleaning and taking care of existing children in the family. Due to their status as companions for humans, they are usually very humanlike, possessing a wide range of facial expressions and an outside appearance of a human.

Companion AutoReivs in the series:


Entourage AutoReivs are designed to help, and in some cases, protect their masters in various ways. In the case of Re-L Mayer, her Entourage AutoReiv Iggy, aided her in analyzing crime scenes, worked as her personal driver, contacted the Bureaus of Romdeau as necessary and, although this is, not explicitly stated, acted as her personal bodyguard. Entourage AutoReivs are to accompany one person only, and as such, an Entourage which has lost its master is considered obsolete and is eventually disposed of. Entourage AutoReivs are humanoid in appearance, but lack distinct facial features, with the exception of coloring and some minor model differences. They are usually taller than most humans.

Entourage AutoReivs in the series:


Armed AutoReivs are a part of the police and paramilitary forces of Romdeau. Their purpose is to keep order in the city. They are seen with and without a human operator in their cockpit; a human operator is used to monitor and if necessary, take control of the AutoReiv in situations that require it, such as pursuits of specific suspects or other complicated tasks. Armed AutoReivs are usually much bigger than humans, about the size of an average car, though much smaller variations are also shown to exist.


Knight-type AutoReivs are units designed specifically for combat, resembling medieval-like knights. Kazkis had such models in his possession.


AutoReivs that were created to entertainment the masses. Most of the AutoReivs of Smileland are of the Entertainment type.

Entertainment AutoReivs in the series:


Medical AutoReivs have medical knowledge and tools to help humans. In the manga Dorothy of Garland wants to help a Knight AutoReiv, but lacks the knowledge for it.

Medical AutoReivs in the series:

Unknown Categorization[]


  • It was proposed that the term AutoReiv comes from Automatic Slave.

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