The AutoReiv Disposal Unit is a section of Romdeau's security that deals with the recalling and destruction of AutoReivs.


The duties of an AutoReiv Disposal Unit employee appear to be two-fold. They hunt down and disable infected AutoReivs who are escaping or are on a rampage, and they investigate reports of infection, testing the AutoReiv in question. Re-l remarks that the facility is the quickest route to becoming a fellow citizen because it has the task of protecting the citizens from Cogito-infected AutoReivs.


All employees shown in AutoReiv Disposal Unit facility are immigrants, most likely from Mosk. Vincent Law works for the AutoReiv Disposal Unit Facility prior to his escape from Romdeau.


In addition to their usual hours, employees of the AutoReiv Disposal Unit appear to work on call, as demonstrated by the fact that Vincent is called out at nearly ten o’clock at night to deal with a report of an infected AutoReiv.


Immigrants cannot dispose of AutoReivs unless they are proven to be defective or infected.


Employees are equipped with one gun with armor-piercing ammunition. These weapons are quite destructive to the AutoReivs and are said by Vincent to be outdated.

Known EmployeesEdit

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