Ruler Commander Patecatl
Proxy Senex Proxy
Human population Army only
AutoReiv population None

Charos(Halos in some translations) is a city situated somewhere between Romdeau and Mosk. Its Proxy is Senex.

Charos and Asura Domes are both linked through the romantic bonds between their respective Proxies, Senex and Kazkis. It appears that the two Proxies agreed to renew their vows after The Pulse of the Awakening. In the meantime, some existential crisis of the Proxies seems to have caused them to destroy their domes, leaving a few human survivors with a functioning WombSys in Charos, and AutoReivs called the Knights in Asura.

When Vincent and Pino fly over the warring domes, they are greeted by a blinding light, which is hinted to have something to do with Senex's awakening. The Rabbit is damaged in the war that has been perpetually going on between Charos's humans and Asura's machines. However, when Senex awakens, she begins to kill off all the humans she encounters, reminiscent of Monad's killing spree in Romdeau. In the end, before she and Kazkis can renew their vows, she is killed by Ergo.

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