City Lights Bookstore
Shitī raitsu bukku sutoa
Proxy JJ

City Ruins City Lights Bookstore

A place entered by Vincent Law to discover who he and Ergo Proxy were before he became aware of Ergo as his other "self". The bookstore is owned by the Bookstore Proxy. Here, the books are either filled with questions to do with Law or information regarding him as a way of getting his memories back.


The similarity to City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco should be noted, as the "owner" or keeper of the books and memories wears a beret and snaps his fingers to trigger Vincent's memory, and both may be references to both the Beat Movement and poet and owner of the real City Lights bookshop, Lawrence Ferlinghetti . City Lights was the original publisher of Howl by Ginsberg, an important Beat work that sparked controversy over its graphic content. The owner also makes note of the fog surrounding the store, a weather trait San Francisco is well known for. Regarding these references or similarities, the Bookstore may have been near what remains of San Francisco.

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