Existence (Cytotropism)
Season 1, Episode 10
Ep10 title
Air date 2006-05-13
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"Sonzai" (存在/Cytotropism)


Disturbed by recent events, Raul questions the future of Romdeau. Meanwhile, Re-L and Iggy explore a strange antiquated dome inhabited only by primitive AutoReivs.


The episode opens with Raul talking to AutoReivs about Daedalus, who has been stripped of his authority as head of the Health and Welfare Bureau. They speak of future promotions, and how Daedalus has lost his raison d'être. Afterwards, Re-l is momentarily seen standing amidst a cemetery in the style of Arlington.

The scene shifts back to Raul, talking with the regent, where he is told that 'what happened to Re-l could happen to you', though what exactly this means is left ambiguous. The meeting ends with the regent saying he must think on the matter of the Proxies, growing Cogito Virus, and a power outage. After, Raul angrily consults Kristeva on the Regent's behavior. This is cut short by a power outage. Investigating the issue, Raul suspects Daedalus and interrogates him. They discuss the fact that there were two Proxies in Romdaeu (the regent only knows about Monad Proxy), power outages, and the other secrets Daedalus is keeping. The scene ends with Raul saying he knows Re-l is still alive.

The scene briefly switches over to Re-l and Iggy, who are revealed to have come to another Dome to refuel their ship. Re-l notices that, while there are robots around and performing various duties, there are no people.

The scene switches back to Raul and Dedaluos. The Raul speaks about the law, how it is forbidden to leave the Dome, and how Re-l and Dedalous's respective Raison-Detre drove them to perform the actions they did. Raul finishes with revealing that it was the Regent who tried to assassinate Re-l, not himself.

Back to Re-l, Re-l opens by saying that it might be better in the Dome she is in as it is without any people, and that the robots (they are not AutoReives) will keep working until the world crumbles. She then poses a question to Iggy; what would he do if she were gone (as his master she is his Raison-Destre). He then laughs, jokingly asking what she would do without him. The scene ends with Re-l wondering why she is here, and if she does find Vincent, what then?

The scene switches back to Raul and Dedalous's conversation, Dedalous opening with the question as to why the Regent would try to assassinate his own granddaughter. Raul responds by mocking Dedalous, saying that the law is the law, even for Re-l. Raul then returns to the power outage. Dedalous says it was a message but Raul says he isn't fooled, saying the energy was stolen for something. Dedalous says he tried to revive the Proxy Monad. Raul seems convinced, and poses a deal, though details are left ambiguous.

Re-l is seen sitting at a trolley stop, her anti-Proxy gun in her right hand and Vincent's pendant in her left. After a car passes, a small girl appears on the bench to her left, causing Re-l to jump. The girl comes to her, grabbing her left hand, briefly asking about the pendant before gleefully running away with it. Re-l gives chase.

Back in Romdaue, Raul and Dedalous are discussing the Proxies, and how Monad was killed despite being immortal. When Raul asks how that happened, Dedalous says Raul took monads corpse from him before he could find out. Raul say he will allow Dedalous to continue research under proper supervision.

Re-l follows the little girl through a park, where the little girl asks her to stay. Re-l admits its tempting she has to keep up her mission. The girl asks if Re-l is afraid and doesn't want to meet him (Vincent). She goes on to say that even if she does meet him, she might be paralyzed with fear, be unable to go back to how things were, and that the truth might be terrible (Scenes from her first meeting with a Proxy, Re-l sobbing when she re-investigates the crime scene, finding Vincent's pendant, and Monad's corpse are shown). Re-l says that she must press on because 'the truth is in his hands'. The little girl returns the pendant, saying for good luck, and makes a blowing action. The two are surrounded by mist with the little girl shown to now be wearing Re-l makeup, appearing as a young Re-l. Re-l smiles, then passes out.

The scene shows Monad's corpse, with Raul saying he wants to save a world, which Dedalous scoffs at. Raul responds by shoving Dedalous against a wall, threatending him by saying he's not as lenient as the Regent. Raul leaves, saying Dedalous can return to research, but will do it on Raul's terms. Raul calls his AutoReive Kristeva (who reports to the Regent) that he is returning Dedalous to active duty. Dedalous says to Monad's corpse that 'your home' as if she were alive. He then (to himself) calls Raul a fool, saying his research was for Re-l. He then begins to call Monad's corpse 'his' Re-l.

Re-l (the character) then wakes up on the bench she was sitting on before her interaction with the little girl. What she does note is that she is actually wearing Vincents pendant, but writes the event off as a dream (weather this was purely a dream or an interaction with the Dome Proxy is left ambiguous.)

There is a breif scene with Dedalous. He is looking at an Amrita cell through a microscope, saying how he 'doesn't need to sneak around anymore', implying everything Raul did was fully his plan. A blue light appears and destroys the cell; the key to a Proxy's immortality. He then notes that 'this amount should be more than enough, looking over at a box with several FP rounds. The scene fades to Re-l looking at her own two bullets, and notes how the only thing left to do was to load it. She is then seen leaving the dome.


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During the opening scene, just before you see Re-L, one of the tomb stones has the name Dai Sato (screen writer) written on it.

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