Hoody Ergo Proxy

Hoody is a seemingly friendly old man who is serious at times. Upon further progression, it is revealed that he has ulterior motives and is somewhat arrogant. He is the self-imposed leader of the Commune. Hoody is intent on getting all the outcasts of Romdo back into the city. He is executed by drones upon arriving at Romdo Dome Bay in Re-l's AHT (Episode 6).

He has a toy soldier in his house he seems to hold very dear which is later revealed to be the missing toy soldier from the clock in Romdo suggesting he stole it before he escaped to the outside.

Although he is an enthusiastic liar who likes to keep the truth of reality from the commune in order to keep their respect and admiration (except for Quinn's who is much more intelligent than the rest of the Commune and can see through his deception), he was also compassionate and willing die, by returning to Romdo with Re-L in place of Vincent so neither of them has to die, knowing that he would be executed as soon as he took step inside of the Dome again.