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Bio-mechanical Type 2 Entourage

Gender Form:


Date of Construction:


Place of Construction:


Years active:

Unknown (1-19 years)

Iggy (named after Ignatius of Loyola, a philosopher and figure known for extreme piety and loyalty) is an Entourage-type AutoReiv belonging to Re-L Mayer, serving her constant companion and partner in investigation. Iggy was also (known to Re-L) a spy for her grandfather, Donov Mayer. Several times Iggy would be used to control or hinder Re-L's actions or investigations if they involved the Proxies.

Iggy, as with all entourage-type autoreivs, is installed with a Turing application program which allows him to have an AI-type of human personality in his voice and actions (Re-L turns this mode off when she no longer wishes to talk with Iggy).

Iggy contracted the Cogito Virus and grew to become enraged at Re-L's lack of regard for him. He despises Proxies and blames Vincent for taking Re-L - his sole raison d'être - away from him. He develops an unusual state of both loving and hating Re-L, and locks her up to "protect" her, while he attempts to kill Vincent. However, an AutoReiv belonging to a Proxy that Re-L killed, attempts to kill Re-L at the same time, causing Iggy to return to Re-L. The AutoReiv goes into a self-detonation mode and, to prevent it from harming Re-L, Iggy picks it up and sprints away from her. The resulting detonation obliterates much of Iggy's body, except for part of his head, leaving Iggy "conscious" to some extent. In the end, not wanting to see Iggy suffer due to the virus, Re-L shoots him and buries his head.

According to Iggy, Re-L personally customized his vocal patterns. According to the bonus sections on the DVD, the (misleading) promotional advertisments described Iggy as sounding like "a gay robot." While masculine in form, Iggy appears to have the mechanism to cater to feminine needs, such as shopping and hair-dressing, which he helps Re-L with.