Kristeva is an Entourage-type AutoReiv seemingly belonging to Raul Creed. She is his constant companion


throughout the series.

But at one point in the series she and Raul Creed have to appear before Donov Mayer, and she is given notice, that she could be replaced very easily since "there are as many AutoReivs as stars in the sky". So she is more likely attached to the function of the security chief than a person.



Due to maintaining a professional personality, Kristeva initially appears unconcerned with the emotions of humans in and outside of her workplace. However, regarding her affiliation to Raul Creed, Kristeva is seen to be unwavering in loyalty and concern for him. This is apparent when, to prevent his position from being compromised, she advises him to keep himself composed in the aftermath of Monad's rampage through a shopping mall, which resulted in the death of his wife and their infant child. As is typical of any AutoReiv unaffected by the Cognito Virus, Kristeva does not speak out of turn, yet possesses keen observational skills in regards to what goes on around her. Her loyalty to Raul and respect for his wishes lasts throughout the course of the anime, and becomes most notable when she presumably takes custody of Pino in the final episode, what may serve as her new raison-d'être.