Nightmare Quiz Show (Who Wants to Be in Jeopardy!)
Season 1, Episode 15
Ep15 title
Air date 2006-06-17
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Nightmare Quiz Show/Who Wants to Be in Jeopardy!"
"[Nama] Akumu no Kuizu Show!" ([生] 悪夢のクイズSHOW!/Who Wants to Be in Jeopardy!)


Finding himself in a bizarre live game show, Vincent's trivia knowledge is put to the test as he battles for his life.


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Other than providing much useful information regarding the backstory of the entire series, the following questions were also asked in this episode, most of which are unrelated to the series.

  1. Which philosopher said, "Man is a reed, the weakest of nature, but he is a thinking reed"? (Blaise Pascal)
  2. Which ancient Greek Mathematician formulated the theorem that determines the length of the sides of a right triangle? (Pythagoras)
  3. According to the English author Lytton, "the pen is mightier than" what? (a sword)
  4. What is the phenomenon that described the pitch of a sound becoming higher as the source approaches, and lower as it departs? (The Doppler Effect)
  5. At how many degrees centigrade is water's density the greatest? (4 degrees)
  6. Which question is this? (sixth)
  7. Who invented dynamite? (Alfred Nobel)
  8. In astronomy, the distance between which two celestial bodies is considered when defining an "astronomical unit"? (The distance between the earth and the sun)
  9. What is the name of this song? (The title theme, Kiri, plays)

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