Proxy Doppelgänger Proxy
Human population None
AutoReiv population None

There is very little information on this dome, and its resident Proxy remains unnamed. Vincent Law , Re-l Mayer, and Pino stopped here to resupply and move on, but encounter a shape changing proxy who seeks to eliminate everyone. All that is seen is the dome's interior structure - a densely built city, with streets in circular patterns in a deep conical arrangement - all the streets eventually lead downward into a central nature reserve. At the centre of the nature reserve lies a lake that seems to beckon all who see it - it turns out to be the lair of the Proxy.

During its fight with Vincent, it reveals that it had tried to accommodate human expectations by changing shape; naturally once the humans it had befriended discovered its true nature, it set about murdering them because it simply couldn't kill the one that it truly hated - Itself.

The park with the lake in the middle of the city

In one vision, it show the citizens of the city all floating in the depths of the lake

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