Proxy One
Purakushī wan
Aliases Creator
Race Proxy
Relations Ergo Proxy
Japanese Hōchū Ōtsuka
English Dameon Clarke
Anime Bind (Bilbul) (was mentioned in Nightmare Quiz Show (Who Wants to Be in Jeopardy!))

The main antagonist of the series, he is also Proxy One, and calls Vincent his shadow. He was first alluded in episode 15 and is the one behind the events of the entire series, having begot Vincent and then sent him back to Romdeau to start his plan. Near the end of the series, Proxy One is revealed to be the one who fired the thermonuclear missile Rapture, destroyed Amnesia to hide Vincent's memories and killed Donov Mayer. He is killed by a combination of Vincent's attacks and sunlight.

Proxy One's RevengeEdit

By manipulating Raul Creed's emotions, Proxy One caused at least one missile launch, decimating several Dome Cities. In his view, humanity had destroyed the planet and then fled, leaving Proxies to resurrect the world and subsequently die off when the clouds parted. Enraged by this injustice, Proxy One sought to wipe out humanity by instigating warfare and nuclear missile launches, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Though Proxy One was defeated by Vincent Law (Ergo Proxy) and his plans to wipe out humanity failed, Proxy One found some solace in the fact that Vincent would survive.


As far as Proxies go, Proxy One is considered to be the strongest fighter of all 300 Proxies that were created by the Proxy Project. Capable of stopping the flames and radiation of two thermonuclear bombs, and suppressing their effect, merely by "waving" the flames away.

Quotes Edit

"You wear the mask of a man who would deny his own fate."
-Proxy One to Ergo Proxy, Episode 23 Deus ex Machina
"Why don't we go through this again? Do you really think you lost your memory? Or is it possible that you never had any memories to begin with? Perhaps you convinced yourself that your memories were simply lost. But then you end up right back where you started, isn't that right?"
- Proxy One to Ergo Proxy, Episode 23 Deus ex Machina

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