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The Proxy Project is a project created by humans to regenerate humankind on Earth following the planetary ecological disaster in which an explosion of methane hydrate reserves, the alternative fuel source, resulted in the destruction of 85% of the world's population. Though not explicitly detailed, it can be assumed that each of 300 Proxies was to create and supervise a dome city in which WombSys would gradually produce the minimum human population necessary to restore the planet. A brief monologue in Episode 15 about initial biological failures due to "lack of data storage capacity" for data relevant to the creation of life suggests that the Proxies might have been created as a kind of living gene memory bank to supervise the creation of humanity (and, possibly, other life forms) through WombSys. The next phase of the project is unclear, though it is explicitly stated that the Proxies are the greatest obstacle to the Awakening of mankind, just as it is explicitly stated that, following the performance of their duty, the proxy destruction program known as the Pulse of the Awakening begins, entailing "changes within (their) body": a sensitivity to sunlight (blue sky) that is ultimately fatal. However, it is clear from Kazkis Proxy that some Proxies might have had their own ideas about humanity: Kazkis Proxy believed the humans of Halos had no reason to live or even a reason to die -- it is implied that he waged war against them for this reason (perhaps with assistance from Senex Proxy).

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