Raison d'être is a French phrase meaning "reason for existence". In the universe of Ergo Proxy, it is an important motif through-out the series and a important part of the character development. It represents the purpose for which both AutoReivs and humans are created: a specific role to fulfill in society, often a single task. Failing to fulfill this task could entail harsh action from the Domed City's Regent.

Some of the characters are challenged by the loss of their Raison d'être. Most of these do not deal well with this well such as Iggy becoming extremely aggressive when he can't take care of Re-l anymore. We see this again when Daedalus loses his ability to protect Re-l and his research in the Monad proxy.

On the other hand we see how other characters succeed to overcome this hardness when they explore their own existence:

  • Pino learns what it is to be a "Human" despite other characters doubting her.
  • Re-L when she decides to pursue her curiosity about the Proxies and Vincent despite her duty to Romdeau.
  • Vincent most of all in his journey to understand who he is and what really matters to him.

One of the pivotal aspects of Gnosticism is the pursuit of knowledge of the self and the divine. In this respect Raison d'être can be regarded as the interest in the "Matter" as opposite to the desired interest in the "Spirit".

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