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Raul Creed
Rauru kurīdo
Aliases Chief
Birthday June 18, 275 AI
Age 28
Race Human
Model 039666
Place of Birth Romdeau
Occupation Director-General of the Citizen Security Bureau
Relations Samantha C. Ros (Wife)
Pino (Companion)
Kristeva (Entourage)
Unnamed son
Japanese Hikaru Hanada
English Patrick Seitz
Anime Pulse of Awakening (Awakening)


He is the newly appointed Director-General of the Citizen Security Bureau, who reports directly to the Regent . He and his wife took Pino as a surrogate child prior to the beginning of the series. Initially loyal to the system, he comes to despise the ruling order responsible for the city's slow decay and lashes out destructively. His mentality also slowly degenerates, as he frequently has hallucinations of a smirking Vincent Law close by. He is quite skilled and accurate with a pistol (as shown in the beginning scenes of episode 17). He eventually ends up wounded (Due to being somehow stabbed by the fake Re-l Mayer, this is shown when her hands are covered in blood while she is washing her hands in the sink). He then goes in search for Pino, his only surviving loved one, but dies in his search, knocked over by an infected AutoReiv onto a shard of glass and impaled. He dies from his wounds but is found by Kristeva.

Before his brief removal from Director-General of the Citizen Security Bureau, he is manipulated by the phantom appearances of a smirking Vincent Law. Whether this image is merely a sign of his mental degradation, or Proxy One's own handiwork - is unknown. During this incident, he manages to break into the sealed off thermonuclear ICBM silos and launches one particular missile called "Rapture" towards the coordinates given by the host of the Quiz Show in the previous episode. Believing that Vincent Law is there, the missile is intended to destroy him once and for-all. However, the Quiz Host did say this was the location of Proxy One, although Raul was unaware of the difference between either the carbon copy - Vincent Law, or his original persona - Proxy One. While Vincent is en route to this location, "Rapture" unleashes two nuclear payloads which are enough to decimate the surrounding city - but the effects are mitigated by Proxy One himself.

Daedalus and Raul Creed


Creed keeps a very poised and ready posture about him at all times. No matter what the circumstances, he attempts to appear calm and collected, keeping his actual emotions under control and hidden from others. The only times his obvious likes and dislikes are referred to are during the random medical checks by AutoReivs while speaking to the Collective . He takes on a more deceptive personality after the discovery of the death of the Monad Proxy and the self-exile of Vincent Law. He attempts to use Daedalus Yumeno to research what he can in secret about the dead proxy. His emotions are later manipulated by Proxy One, resulting in a single missile launch and the destruction of several domes.

Getting a grasp on Raul Creed's personality is actually impossible, as he has been under a tremendous amount of physiological shock since episode 1. In the first episode, he was promoted to head of the Security Bureau, a job that is outright stated to have nobody who lasts long in it. This is then followed by Monad Proxy's escape and subsequent massacre in a public square, where his wife and child were gruesomely killed in front of him. This same event causes his AutoReiv Pino to become infected and leave, essentially removing all people he is personally connected to in his life to leave in the course of a day. Further, these events, and the subsequent events cause a number of revelations that are very much at odds with what a Citizen would have grown up with, likely causing his breakdown.


  • According to Raul's Romdeau Citizen Identification Card, he was born June 18, 275 AI. This makes him 28 years old.
  • The last 3 digits of his model number are '666', which is the mark of the beast mentioned in the Bible.
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