Aliases Monad (by Proxy One)
Re-L 2 (by Daedalus )
Race Proxy
Place of Birth Romdeau
Relations Vincent Law (Beloved)
Daedalus Yumeno (Creator)
Japanese Sachiko Kojima
English Carrie Savage
Anime Sign of the End (Life After God)

Real is the reincarnated clone of Monad, who wishes to seek out and reunite with Ergo Proxy.


Young Real

Daedalus Yumeno created a clone of Monad after Raul gives him a permission to study the corpse of Monad. In episode 18, we first see Real as a child. Deadalus claims that Real is the "real thing" unlike the treacherous Re-L.

In the last episode, Real tries to escort Ergo into the sunlight, which would kill them both, but Ergo decides to stay behind with Re-l and Pino. Real then drops Ergo off at a high tower of debris. Monad is last seen flying into the sunlight, which presumably kills her.


  • Real has a red yarn ball that she tends to carry around. In the Japanese culture the yarn ball (Temari) symbolizes a deep friendship.
  • It's possible that Re-l was also supposed to be a clone of Monad, but a failed one that never had the Amrita cells.
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