Samantha C. Ros
Samantha Ross1
Age Unknown
Race Human
Place of Birth Romdo
Occupation Unknown(probably unemployed)
Relations Raul Creed (Husband)
Pino (Companion)
Unnamed son
Japanese Atsuko Tanaka
English Kirsty Pape(Karen Strassman)
Anime Pulse of Awakening (Awakening)

Samantha C. Ros is the wife of Raul Creed. In the first episode she tries to claim that Pino is an infected AutoReiv so the city would replace her with a housekeeper/education/child-raising AutoReiv(since the Division of Health and Wellfare has granted Samantha and Raul a human baby). But her plan fails as Vincent Law refuse to declare Pino as infected.

Later we see that a collection order for Pino was authorized regardless(presumably by Raul Creed).

In the second episode Samantha is killed by Monad when it chases Vincent Law in the Yoslis Park[1] mall.


  • Samantha's face is never shown clearly, but she seems to be tall with blond hair gathered in a bun behind her head.
    Samantha Ross2

    Samantha and her baby


  • Her Citizen ID is 0315PLATK
  • Her residential sector is Sector A-N15W25


  1. It seems that in the English dub the name of the mall is different, but it is hard to distinguish the name
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