Senex Proxy
Senex Proxy
Aliases Agent of Moonlight
Race Proxy
Place of Birth Charos
Relations Kazkis Proxy (Beloved)
Anime Light Beam (Shining Sign)

Senex was the Proxy of Charos.


Proxy of Moonlight, Creator and Supervisor of Charos Dome, takes the shape of a female. Has feeler-like strips that extend from its head; these are used as its primary means of attack via skewering. Senex was implied to have had a romantic relationship with Kazkis Proxy. She would be defeated by Ergo Proxy, and later avenged by Kazkis Proxy, though his attack resulted in his own death. It is implied that Kazkis and Senex reunited in spirits after their deaths.



Senex wearing its mask.

Female in appearance, Senex wears a mask with a large red eye on it. The large red eye also appears on her garments and on her shoulders.


Senex without its mask.


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