The Commune
The comune
Ruler Hoody
Human population 6 outcasts

A settlement located right outside the boundaries of Romdeau made up of people who left or were exiled from Romdeau and live of the scraps thrown away from the city. This is where Re-L and Vincent first ended up when they left Romdeau. Eventually all the inhabitants are either killed by Romdeau's AutoReiv sentries or die while traveling with Vincent Law. The Commune is a community of 6 people that have left or where exiled from Romdeau and live of the scraps throw away from the city.


AutoReiv * Cogito Virus * Womb Room * Amrita cells * FP Ray * Methane hydrate
Proxy Info
Pulse of the Awakening * Project Boomerang * Proxy Project * Proxy Pendant
Raison d'être * Regent * The Commune * NaKaMa * AutoReiv Disposal Facility
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